PAS OnlineMarketPlace

PAS Purchasing Solutions is partnered with the industry leading provider of integrated accounts payable and procure-to-pay applications. PAS Online MarketPlace enables companies to purchase products and services online and provides members, catalog management and the tools necessary to drive compliance and capture larger discounts.

PAS Members have access to the Nexus Systems Procure-to Pay platform at a discounted rate which comes with PAS Online Marketplace, exclusively for PAS Members.




Group Purchasing Organization (GPO)

Any well-run business is constantly looking for ways to improve. But the better you are at staying on top of this endeavor, the more it can sometimes seem like you’ve exhausted most of the good ideas. You can reach a point where you’ve done your due diligence and feel pretty confident that you’re making the best decisions on the options realistically available to your company. You can only get so lean, squeeze so much out of your resources, and fine-tune your processes so tightly.

One of the best methods to doing this is to join forces with other companies in effort to accomplish more together than you could ever achieve alone.

How a GPO can save you time and money

Property Management Companies join a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) to help solve sourcing and procurement concerns through advice and networking. GPOs achieve this by combining the purchasing power of businesses to get discounts from its vendors. The primary goal for Members is saving on cost. Suppliers benefit from the increased market share and by building better relationships with customer organizations.

The following are different ways a Group Purchasing Organization make everything about procurement easier, faster and cost-effective.


Researching products and locating suppliers

Properties spend a lot of time looking for suppliers and researching products offered, instead of increasing occupancy . A Group Purchasing Organization helps you expand your product offerings, even if you are not sure where to look. GPOs have the resources and expertise to prevent supply shortfalls and get you hard-to-find products for your business.

Leveraging market information

GPOs ease the headaches of handling purchasing and vendor contracts while saving time and money for their Members. Properties ultimately have more time to focus on increasing NOI when they are members of a Group Purchasing Organization.

Improving Processes and Productivity

Product standardization increases asset value and optimizes the efficiencies of your on-site personnel. Standardizing your products saves time, by receiving consistent product and pricing, reducing inventory, improving turn rates, and ensuring product availability.





PAS Purchasing Solutions partners with Nexus Systems the leading provider of integrated accounts payable (AP) and procure-to-pay (P2P) applications. Their web-based applications are proven to increase business process efficiency, and improve visibility, accountability and control across the P2P lifecycle.

Nexus Systems’ flagship product, NexusPayables, combines robust functionality with an intuitive interface to offer exceptional ease of use. It is compatible with legacy systems and processes making it a best-in-class automation solution. Every day, companies around the world use NexusPayables to solve their biggest AP and P2P challenges. NexusPayables is currently deployed in 106 countries.