Shirlee Paradis

I have had the pleasure of working with Sue, and recently Ashley, through the PAS program for 5 years now. In the property management industry everything moves so quickly and there are a lot of details to cover. Having Sue handle all the account set up is such a huge time saver and relief, and adds such efficiency to all of our processes. Sue and Ashley have excellent communication with us from day one and have been nothing but willing to accommodate any of our reporting needs, set up needs, manager meeting needs – you name it. I, for one, could not imagine doing a takeover without them there. …The PAS program itself has added great ancillary income to our sites and it becomes an exciting sense of “who can save the most” among my competitive site managers. It’s an exciting program and is a “no-brainer” when it comes to the amount of spending we must do to manage our properties. We are making money when spending money…it doesn’t get better than that….Thank you Sue and Ashley!